Little Green Hive

16 West Church SW
Roanoke, Virginia
Call (540) 400-7890

Ravenclaw won the 2017 House Cup Challenge!!
Thank you to all who helped on May 13th to make #roaravenclaw17 be remembered.

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Little Green Hive is a #Familyowned Coffee and Smoothie Bar located in historic downtown Roanoke, VA. Specializing in and proudly serving locally roasted, fair trade and organic coffee, exotic teas, and handcrafted whole-fruit smoothies.

They believe in buying local because it strengthens the bond of our community 
 All coffee is roasted is small batches for maximum freshness. 

Milk, butter, and ice cream is graciously provided by local, healthy, jersey cows. 
All  pastries and treats are either house-made or locally sourced from craft bakers. Use all natural sweeteners and flavors.


Baked Goods from Bread Craft 

and Roanoke Bagel

$10.00 - $16.99

Great cup of coffee and easy to use and clean!
Water can be poured over the grounds all at one time
Shut-off valve design holds the coffee until the brewing process is complete
Filter allows for easy cleanup avents grounds in your coffee

Come in and sit for a while.
Read at the Little Green Library
Sit with Friends


#supportlocal #drinklocal