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Sat April 1~~ 9 AM  
RATAC Battlefield
After a cataclysmic EMP attack and impending result on Washington D.C., the President and staff have fled to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The result of the EMP has caused any communications and electronics to malfunction. 
The first phase of ISIS sleeper cell activity is now in full effect.
The Clarion Project has taken great lengths to identify nearly every Jihadist training camp in the United States. However, officials have failed to identify a few.
This Presidential evacuation features a route that crosses less than 20 miles away from the largest unidentified training camp in Virginia. The EMP strike has just made the leader of our nation come to the perpetrators. 
Traveling for the President has subsided due to the EMP strike, making travel very basic via old military vehicles.
The President's cabinet is in posession of the most recent intelligence of training camps in the U.S. as well as hard copies of nuclear launch codes. The Presidential escort consists of a small unit of Special Ops that are spaced out just far enough to not raise suspicion. The cabinet members are split up amongst the units for security. 
ISIS sleeper cells' second phase consists of capturing all of the cabinet members and obtaining the nuclear launch codes to put a well-placed nuclear strike onto Russia, causing a world-wide nuclear war in attempt to cleanse the world in a sea of holy fire.

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Giving an old classic a new twist.
The new model of the CYMA SVD Dragunov is now available at Roanoke Airsoft.
This new Rifle not only looks better - but is priced better! The Rifle retails at $229.99 instead of the older price of $299.99
The quality has not been reduced and the rifle shoots and performs wonderfully compared to other aeg SVDs on the market.
And who cant love that PSO-1 scope on the gun? You can use an AK scope mount and an aftermarket rifle scope... but come on - you know you want the right look!

Roanoke Airsoft  carries a vast
assortment of items, such as:
Tactical Vests
Protective Gear
Ghillie Suits
Optics and Sights
And so much more!!
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Here is the fun that was had in January.
Go out this weekend, and give it a try!

Roanoke Airsoft TACtical
4715 Rucker Rd. Moneta, VA
Open every Saturday from 10am - 6pm

Located at 4715 Rucker Rd. Moneta, VA. Turn off 122 at Fisher Auto Parts and the RATAC entrance is on the left. Hosting events, games and challenges with gear and rentals on site!