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👉🏼Just look at how important glutathione is.
👉🏼Over the next 5 years 100 million has been granted to continue the research.
📌Immuniti-helps the body produces more of it's own glutathione.
📌Visi has exclusive rights to this new breakthrough in prevention.
📌Immuniti-1st of it's kind, nothing like it in the world. 🌎

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Visi is a company with all natural products to help with health, weight loss, mental clarity and much more!!

Straight from the Visi website:
Wherever you’re going, Probíta is ready to tag along and help you get there. This delicious, convenient chew is packed with four grams of hydrolyzed collagen protein, the most bio-identical protein source on the market.

From skin to joints to muscles, Probíta improves the hardest-working parts of your body so you can focus on what’s most important without your health holding you back. *

Supports healthy joints and skin *
Supports lean muscle mass and muscle recovery *
Helps encourage more restful sleep *
Hydrolyzed collagen protein touts a 95% absorption
A convenient low-calorie snack to curb cravings

*The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Did you know that Visi's Nufinna and Probita both not only contain hydrolyzed collagen protein, but BEETROOT? Did you know that beetroot helps with energy, detoxifies the liver and gall bladder, helps prevent heart disease, cleanses intestines, builds blood - just to name a few? For those who don't like beets, the good news is, you can't even taste them in these fantastic products! 

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Visi announces a NEW ingredient enhancement to their skin care!
Already amazing skin care line, which is made with Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein, just got better!
♦️ Backed by a billion dollar European company, with TWO clinical studies!!
♦️ Proprietary Blend with super fast results! Rejuvenating skin cream evens skin tones within 2 weeks of use, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, (up to 12%) in as few as 3 weeks.
♦️ The results on the current product have been amazing and now we are adding SymVital, a ginger root extract, for more incredible results!

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Ingredient #2 in Visi's New VALLA: 
"Caralluma Fimbriata"
What is it and what does it do? 
It is part of the cactus family and has been clinically proven to suppress the appetite. It's a strong adjunct in the fight against obesity. It's a great weapon against overeating, the accumulation of body fat, and the loss of muscle mass. We are able to extract the essential constituents of the whole herb without chemical alteration to any of the key components, thus ensuring that the full benefits of the herb are delivered in concentrated form.
Here is how it works: 
When we eat, the nerves from the stomach send a signal to the hypothalamus in the brain. This is the part of the brain that controls appetite. When the stomach is full, the hypothalamus signals the brain to stop eating. When a person is hungry, the hypothalamus sends a signal to the brain that food is needed. Caralluma Fibriata inhibits the hunger sensory mechanisms of the hypothalamus. Hence, the person feels more energetic with Caralluma while gaining lean muscle mass and losing fat.
Scientifically formulated to work well with the other 9 effective ingredients for superior weight loss and continued weight control.

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Bring light and life to your skin, and put your best face forward with Visi Phora. using the arctic cloudberry and hydrolyzed collagen to rejuvenate skin
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The new skin care line

From Melissa
**I could tell you over and over again how much I love my Phora cream and now the cleanser. For starters, it smells delicious... I love that it contains hydrolyzed collagen that my skin can actually absorb, and the powerful antioxidant the Arctic Cloudberry which is known in Scandinavia as GOLD FOR YOUR SKIN. (GOOGLE IT, It's even on cancer society website!) Its probably the most natural skincare on the market that actually works, so why keep taking my word for it .. get some for yourself? Mothers day IS coming!!!But this isn't just for women, MEN are loving it too!!!**
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Vísi products combine the secrets of ancient healing with modern science, research, and medicine.
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When looking at our modern lifestyle, it’s easy to see we live in a toxic world. Our bodies are overloaded with toxins everyday by seemingly everything in our lives. There’s a solution to address the problem of toxin overload. Cleansing—which typically entails using natural ingredients—can help eliminate chemicals and contaminants from the body’s cells, tissues and organs and contribute to a wide array of health benefits. Rensa is a unique and innovative product which represents a safe, powerful and effective purifying solution for today’s toxic world.*

Nufínna is powered by the AC2 Technology™ Blend, which features 12g of Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein—the highest bioavailable and most absorbable form of protein available—and the Scandinavian antioxidant powerhouse Arctic Cloudberry. Fortified by the Lingonberry, a full range of vitamins and minerals and a whole fruit and vegetable blend, it’s the perfect lifestyle smoothie to promote a healthier you. Nufínna is an ideal and affordable way for your entire family to start their day!

Vínnle is an innovative product containing powerful ingredients that synergistically work to help you be a better you. By supporting fat loss, appetite suppression and a heightened metabolism and when used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise program, Vínnle will promote weight loss by guiding you to make improved daily choices to establish the pillars of a healthy lifestyle…changing how you eat and how much you eat without having to completely disrupt the life you lead.* The ingredient combination in Vínnle also promotes increased energy, mood enhancement, mental clarity and even liver function.* You’ll have the extra energy necessary to do all of the things you want to do every day, and perhaps the best part is you will feel great as you go about accomplishing your daily tasks. Live the Vísi Lifestyle and experience Vínnle. Be a better you and shed pounds and inches with Vísi Vínnle. Better is where you belong!


Live Better with Wellness — Despite advances in medicine and science, optimal health still eludes many of us. We’re living longer, but are we really living better or healthier? We know our bodies need pure, whole-food nutrients to look and feel better and to return to a revitalized state of health. But is that really possible? To achieve optimal health, you and your family need a product that delivers dozens of vital nutrients lacking in today’s diet. You need a product whose ingredients are validated by literally hundreds of independent scientific studies without the side effects of prescription drugs. Introducing Wellness.

Re-Energize and Re-Vitalize with Energy — Today’s modern lifestyle is hectic, fast-paced and stressful. Whether it’s because of work, family, home responsibilities, a second job or going back to school, most of us feel fatigued. If you’re a regular consumer of an energy product, whether it’s an energy drink, morning latte or caffeinated soda, you know it’s not really solving your fatigue problem. In fact, the harsh stimulants, sugar, added synthetic caffeine and other chemicals in these products deliver a “false” energy followed by a crash, only making the problem worse. Our product is a natural alternative to these stimulants. Introducing Energy.

Like most people, you’ve probably tried dieting many times. You know how difficult it is to not only lose weight, but also keep to it off. Most diets deny you the satisfaction of enjoying food. Sooner or later, you give in, overeating until you gain back any weight you lost. This vicious cycle is often called “yo-yo” dieting, and it’s the top complaint of those trying to lose unhealthy weight. Introducing Trímma.

When it comes to health and wellness, protein has become a big deal, and it’s easy to understand why. Protein is a crucial component of virtually every cell in the human body. It’s the major building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Your body requires protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other vital body chemicals. Protein is necessary to build and repair cells, tissues, and organs. Hair and nails are comprised primarily of protein. Probíta with Hydrolyzed Collagen is the most absorbable protein and provides just what you’re looking for when it comes to superior-quality protein