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This page is dedicated to the creations of a woman who was in the medical field all her life until she was diagnosed with cancer. She was given 6 months to live. It has been 14 years and she has been diagnosed with cancer two more times since then. As a work-a-holic surviving without a purpose is much harder than the medical aspect of pain and treatments. She turned her passion in to creating things from anything. She loves working with wood,  revamping older items to make new ones or just seeing something in her mind and figuring ot how to make it all~
This was a custom order. A wrench for a wonderful woman's son.
She also made her scissors the same way as she has her own shop.


This is a piece specially made for the brain surgeon she had. She made a brain box for him as he is retiring and moving to Florida.  The other object was another *brain* that included the tumor Sherman, which Dr. Elias Cyber Knifed out and save her life.


Another piece made for another professional in her life that also retired. Yes she tends to live to see her doctors and nurses retire or expire.  This is a special piece for a special woman.

This is a piece she is working on now. Turning a headboard and footboard into a bench.
We will post updates once completed`

These were made during the holidays to sell. 
She does custom orders as well.


Top two purple ones~~

$20 each

All others $10 each.

Email Mind Creations on Facebook to purchase

These are #Healing Dolls~ $20 each

These are Voodoo dolls~~Comes with Pins
$10 each!

Black Dog Salvage was giving away some burlap a few months ago.
Here are a few ways we used it.




From wood products, to sewing, to just fixing most anything.  Needle 4 You amazes people with the creativity and as much as she loves creating, she loves more by giving and making people smile.
Keep watching for new creations made 

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