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Saturday, November 3, 2018

~Fundraiser/Sale for a fighter~#Cancer Destroys More than the body

Items for Sale ~~ This is a fundraiser for my Partner~~ 3rd Time fighting Cancer~ We are selling personal items, handmade items , Avon and of course I only charge $50 a month to be featured on all PROMOTE COMMOTION sites. Thanks to all who have helped us in any way~

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Daily Care Collection~Special for YOU

Get it while you can.~
Daily Care Collection


Valued at $65, the set includes:
• 2 Skin So Soft Original Shower Gels
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• Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair Hand Cream
• Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair Body Wash
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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Recommended Events from Promote Commotion: #CancerDestroys More than the body~Fundraiser/Sale/

Image result for When people care

I am the lady behind Promote Commotion.
I have been posting events and businesses for close to 9 years. 
I rarely say anything of a personal message other than highly recommending one of the events or great businesses I post about.
A little background on how Promote Commotion started.
I have always created fundraisers for many causes. From my children's school activities as part of Booster Clubs to raising funds for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life for many years.Working with organizations to help out who I could. Carilion Children's was the recipient of several fundraiser events I held along with The Aware Foundation. Most were for either a kids organization or cancer.

When my company closed down in VA and my job was no longer, I took it as a sign that it may have happened for a reason. My partner had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in 2005. She was given 6 months to live. She fought and survived that time but it was not easy. Still so many issues from lungs not working and makes it very hard. She was struggling and I took it as I now had time to spend with just her. Get quality time for whatever time she had left.  

I of course had to not feel helpless so once again, formed a team and had events for my Relay for Life team in honor of her and so many more. 
As I was going around getting donations for this event for raffles, I met many small business owners who donated freely and I had to make sure others knew just how great they were. I started posting on my personal page and realized maybe I should start a page just for that. It grew and grew to where people offered to pay me to continue posting about their business or event daily.

Fast Forward..a few more years...her cancer had then gone to her brain. She was one of the lucky ones who had the cyber-knife treatment and survived that too.

 Unlike the mass in her chest and lungs, they got it out of her brain.  
Now to present time....Breast Cancer~~
This tumor was removed but her numbers are not good at all. Her recurrence rate is extremely high as well.  Treatment has started.  This time the side effects are awful because of all the prior radiation and chemo drugs in the past. Her body is tired. She is tired.  
A strong woman who has fought hard and keeps fighting is trying to make it through this next 6 months of horrible days and nights.
 She is on Disability due to her disease and I try to make what I can through Promote Commotion. (I only charge $50 a month so you do the math)  Budgeting is hard enough, but add the chemo pills, the meds to help with side effects and the wonderful  CBD oil is all very very expensive.

 I had planned to try to sell some items, or do a yard sale but then was warned that due to the immunity factor I shouldn't risk meeting folks who may not think about a cold or cough but could cause her major problems. My daughter n law offered to list and meet people to help me. These items are listed below.

Now to get to the point of this open letter about our personal life.

A very kind and good friend Laura Allie started a gofund me page for my family.
By the time she had told me about it, there were a few donations. I was thankful, but still did not like it nor did my partner as we always figure it out, always find a way and we are the ones who have always been there to help others, not get help. This is not easy on us!
Some have sent messages asking if it was legit and will we receive the donations. I felt the need to confirm this so they know that this young lady did indeed want to help us out. She has always been here to help us in some way or another. I am not mad at her, and we are both touched she wanted to do something to help and  that she did this.

This is not a request for you to donate to this cause. This is not me begging for  help. This is more for people to know when you see it that it was done from the heart and not by us.  IT WAS DONE OUT OF LOVE! end this. 

Thanks to all who follow Promote Commotion on all our sites. my blogs, on twitter, instagram, and every site I post these small and local business owners as well as the events I do for the followers to know what is happening. 
Thanks for sticking by us, thanks for supporting small businesses and local events and please if you see the gofund me site....don't think bad of the person who started it. Please just understand when you feel helpless you will do just about anything to make a difference. 

PS~~ To those who donated....THANK YOU!
Thank you Laura for caring! 

Items posted for sale for us by Carrie Trout
Thank you Carrie for all the help!!
to message her about any items.

Roanoke, VA

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fundraiser for Diana by Laura Allie : Help Them Fight!

This is for my partner in life and the woman who saved me and my family from a monster years ago. Moved from Jersey and helped us rebuild our lives. She also has participated and helped in all the fundraising events I did for the past 20 years for Relay for Life (irony for sure, and btw they never have helped)  and other organizations. All she has done for me, my family and for so many others the young lady put together this site because wanted to help her and us with the cost of fighting this disease once more ~~ Fighting cancer 3x is hard enough. They gave her 6 months 13 years ago....Fought it, then it was in her brain...Fought it and now back again....It cost way more than money, it cost her a job, her retirement and she is in massive pain everyday. Medicare does not cover some a cough syrup for the effects of stage 4 lung cancer...we make ends meet, barely....This time its harder. ....IF you can help that would be awesome, but prayers are needed more~

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Promote Commotion Network of Businesses: Promote Commotion

Now is a great time to sign up to have your business posted on many social media sites, blogs and more daily for only $50 a month.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Healing Frequency: Let’s Not Go Wayward

Let’s Not Go Wayward

I am just simply amazed. I was down and out for about two weeks with pneumonia and now getting back on my legs again. Just so happen that it coincides with Uma and I taking a trip to West Palm Beach. I was fine with the idea of traveling as the worst was behind me but I realized today that my energy level is not where it normally is and it made for this interesting blog.

Uma and I are traveling to West Palm Beach today and as traveling requires we were at the airport. An airport full of people and forgotten to me, an airport full of wayward entities. See I have been doing a lot more self-work with the focus on mediumship and spirit communication thanks to the two mediumship circles we host every month. I am much more aware of spirit entities and their influence on us.

As we were walking through the airport and with my energy level low from getting over pneumonia, I crashed suddenly at a certain area. I mean I literally became wiped out to the point where I wanted to sit down and pass out.

Uma and I sat down at a restaurant to rest before we boarded the plane and she took a picture of us. For some reason, I asked to please see it. I wasn’t quite sure why I really needed to see it but there was an adamant feeling inside of me. When she pulled up the photo I understood why I needed to see it. I asked her if she saw anything because I was immediately drawn to my eyes where I noticed an attachment. When I work with clients that is typically the area where I see attachments to others. She was drawn to my aura for that is where she noticed a blurring of the energy around me. She knew immediately we went from a double team to a party of three.

I took a minute and cleared my energy using techniques I learned to clear wayward entities. I noticed earthbounds around me that needed to go so I created a white light portal for them to cross through. I commanded that the entity not only go into the white light but also be accepted and as I did this, I felt a jerk in my energy within my auric field moving from my left temple lobe up and out my right side. I immediately felt energy coming back into me as I witnessed and watched the entity leave and go into the white light.

When I was done, I asked Uma if she could take another picture of us. Well the difference between the two was simply amazing. In the first photo you can notice a rosy look in my face and bags underneath my eyes, almost as if I was haggard. There was a clear distant look in my eyes as if I wasn’t present. Uma noticed on my left side, the photo was blurred slightly which for her indicates entities. In the second photo you can see me aware in my eyes and present, as well as a vibrant energy in me without the reddish hue in my face. The bags under my eyes almost looks like they disappeared. Folks these changes all happened within a matter of 40 seconds. Amazing.

I am reminded that normally going through life, it is second nature to me to have my energetic guard up but with getting over pneumonia and being weak, I learned just how susceptible I am to things I play with on a normal basis!

This experience also astounded me to how cognitive I have to be of each move I have to make to dismiss a wayward entity. It was clearly a reminder that as a white lighter when we are sick, we are still a beacon of light for those that are looking for energy. I remembered three particular steps I made walking through the airport where my energy went from upbeat to almost wanting to pass out. It happened so astoundingly quick that even thought I do this work for a living, it is still stunning to me. The experience itself I have to talk about. It was as if I walked through a sticky, molasses haze that suddenly attached to me that weighed me down and brought about a feeling of wanting to pass out. So if this ever happens to you be aware and be present about what is happening.

If you ever find your energy drop drastically and you feel yourself heavy, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Does this belong to me or someone else?” If the answer is yes it belongs to someone else, close your eyes, go up to God Creator himself and ask for protection. Also ask the Spirit person to leave. If you notice that the energy subsides and your energy comes back up, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. If it doesn’t subside, understand that this energy will continue to build and take from your energy levels. You will find yourself getting crabby and unable to tolerate simple things in life. In this case, please seek an entity removal healer such as myself. This may be out of your power and there is no shame in asking for help.

Do not worry about having to see a healer in person as this type of work can be done remotely. It is about energy, intent and witnessing.

I hope that in sharing my story, it helps you understand your path and your journey even more. Ok my boarding has begun! Until next time,

Peace and Blessings from the Spiritual Biker,

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Promote Commotion Network of Businesses: Helping Hands Lawn Care

Helping Hands Lawn Care

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Helping Hands Lawn Care
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Low prices to give back to our community, our elderly, our disabled. 

Insured and Trustworthy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Promote Commotion Network of Businesses: Promote Commotion

Promote Commotion

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