Fashionista Roanoke~~2017

We are truly excited about 2017 and some changes and goals we have put in motion.

 We are wanting to have more of you involved. We have decided to Partner with other organizations to bring awareness and fund-raise for causes that need it. 

We already have 
Promote Commotion
as Partners.  
You can partner with us too!

We are opening the door for individuals to be involved and to learn as they help. We want photographers and models who may have just began their journey, or professionals wanting to mentor. 

We need volunteers for events for us and those we partner with. 
We need people who love to share our events and use social media. 
We need hair and makeup folks for events, shoots and shows. 

Looking for leaders.
Team leaders of different skills sets.
No experience needed for the skill, just leadership qualities.

 Below is a place to register, see what we are looking for and to get an idea of what we want to do. 

Sign Up Now!

After you register to be part of this organization, please join the Group page on Facebook to keep up with everything. This is where participants can sign up for events, to be team leads and more.
The link is in the registration info on SignUp Genius. 
YOU MUST REGISTER FIRST~~Go to link, click it, it will take you to group page where you will then ask to join. 

 Please take time to share~~Talk about us and if you are ready, commit to us. We can't wait to make a difference like none other in 2017!