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Social Media Manager


Do you need more of a presence on Social Media?
Do you not have time to be online all day?
Do you know that branding your business name through the day brings more customers and awareness to you?

Promote Commotion will post your business on many social media sites at least 5 days a week.  
We can also manage your Facebook page while you are doing what you do best.

 We will make sure you business name is on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr,  Pinterest, and more!

Package #1 
~Promotions on all Promote Pages and sites Monday - Friday ( Weekends when special events or specials are going on for a client)
(see list below)

Package #2 
Pkg #1 (posting on all sites and managing client's FB Page with at least three and up to 5 posts Monday - Friday (weekends for specials)

Package #3 
(new includes pkg #1 and managing Instagram, twitter and google +

Package #4
Includes all promotions~
Package #1,2, and 3 ~ $200 

Event Package #5

Package #6
Logo on 2 blogs our events blog and Business blog posted daily.
Linked to the place of your choice.
$25 monthly

Any package above $100 can be split into 2 payments! Ask for specifics.

Want to learn more?    

What Promote Commotion Network is about!
Promote Commotion started out on Facebook as a Thank You to small businesses owners that donated to an event I did in 2010~~~
It has now grown to having many clients who know I will post the name of their business and showcase them in many ways on many sites all across the web! 
Many clients get attention from out of state sales and more through posts that put their business name on Google.

From a client from Northern Virginia:
(see more reviews below)

"Thanks Lora for your wonderful marketing, we just had a women email in from Los Angeles to attend our New you New year retreat. She said we were at the top of the yahoo search when she looked for a retreat for Jan.

Thanks Again
Robert T Pritchard Jr
 The Healing Frequesncy

Details on packages here:
Never hesitate to contact me at

Look above for Sale pricing until March 31

Package #1
$75 monthly

I post Mon - Fri and those important event or sale days for clients. I post on many social sites and blogs on the internet.

A few examples that are hit daily.Facebook (Promote Commotion) , Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest Instagram, Tumblr, Google + (Promote and Personal), Flickr, Wordpress, Delicious, Scoop It,  Flipboard, Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote, a weekly online *paper* called 

If I find a new site, I start posting on it. I don't know until I try, but will try them all. I love my business owners and will talk about them as much as possible. Wherever and how I can.

Package #2
$100 monthly
I manage pages where I post from  your Business Facebook page with posts during the day ~ Mon - Fri~ I will post at least 3 and up to 5 posts during the day. This is to keep your Facebook Business page current, and on the timeline. I use information and images I get from the clients, or through my own research. I try to keep each business page as current as possible and love when a client gives me lot's of information to work with.
Package # 2 also includes all that is in Package #1 as well.
This means at least 5 days of Promote Commotion talking about your business as many places as humanly and computer possible each day.

Package #3
 $150 monthly
Package #1 & plus manage and posting on your Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ pages as you.

Package #4
$200 monthly
Package #1, #2, #3

Package #5
Events Package
Posting event on all Social Media Sites listed above at least once a day. Showcase event on Promote Commotion sites and add to local calendars if not already on them.

Package #6
$25 monthly
Logo with link on 2 blogs

Branding Business Names across the web!
No contract needed. Month to Month

Invoices are sent through Paypal.
I do not accept Checks of any kind due to bounce issues. 
Paypal can be used by anyone with a credit or debt card.

Payment can be monthly, 3 months ahead, 6 months ahead or a year in advance.
Payment is always for month of service. 
Invoices sent at least 1 week prior to due date you choose, and late payment is $10 after 10PM of due date.
If you need to cancel for any reason, just notify me through email you no longer need my services. This needs to be done when invoice is sent for payment due. At least 2 days ahead of due date or you will be required to pay for that month's of service. 
 No excuses needed to cancel, and no reason necessary. Just ask to cancel when you get invoice, we will cancel your service and still be on great terms. 
I may even mention you in posts if you have something special going on.
I try to make things easy, but not canceling, or ignoring invoices is not acceptable. All it takes is an email. Be respectful please.

Email me at if you desire further info or want to sign up.

Events you want posted daily are Package #5  Posting at least 5 days a week for a specific event you are planning. This makes sure you are posted often and all over the web.
Package #5 ~~ $50 monthly

Events in the Community
I also post events that I think are of an interest to my followers. These are placed on our events blog and posted and promoted on different sites as time allows.
Our events package makes sure events are posted daily all over the social media sites and blogs.

 Want your event posted daily and all over, then you can choose Package #5 or #6 to fulfill that need.

Make sure you click all tabs for weekly, monthly, upcoming and special events listed and updated daily.

If you are interested in what I do and want to know more just email and I will answer any and all questions and we can get started on causing a commotion about you and your business too~


Carpet Cleaning Business
Lora is a true professional! I highly recommend her company Promote Commotion. A+ Service"

Home Business
Love that I can work my business and not have to think about promoting on every social media outlet. Lora does a great job promoting Creating New Bodies, It Works! I would highly recommend her services."

Renovations Contractor
Lora is patient and knowledgeable. She has created a large network of small businesses in Roanoke and we can and do use one another's services. She is a frequent poster and if she has the responsibility of your business, you do get 'air' time."

Owner of 2 Restaurants
Easy to work with. Goes out of her way to help. Is there for her clients no matter what. Does way more then what is expected of her. Highly recommend lora."

Record Shop/Live Music Venue
Lora has a personal touch that makes her promotion stand out from the rest. She has helped me spread the word about live music and local events, and it is apparent that she does so with pride because she loves helping people."

I have now been having Lora work with me on my business for nearly a year and I can't speak highly enough of her. She does what she says she will, is honest and trustworthy, and has helped my business become more visible in the community. Her mind is always working trying to find new ways to approach growing my business."

Small Business
Lora is great! !...her knowledge and expertise of social marketing, branding, and networking is second to none! She really knows how to get your name and business out in front of people."

Lora has been working with me for over 2 years. She has been great for my business. Lora gets to know her clients and takes pride in wanting all of us to succeed. She does her best to understand each business and then promotes each business in it's own special way. I am thankful for finding her and we together will continue to grow and promote my business."

I've worked with Lora Trout at various shows and the dedication and hard work that she has exhibited, I'd recommend her highly!"

Baker at Kroger Company
Lora has promoted my business through Promote Commotion many times & she does a fantastic job with her verbiage, positivity, professionalism & integrity. She also came to me & selflessly offered to write a blog about my business! She is very creative with her marketing & unique in the sense that she is not out for personal gain. Lora really cares about the...more

Owner, Simply Framing by Kristi
Lora works hard to get your business recognized. She is very creative and has numerous ideas to build up your customer base. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to see their business grow.

Technology Leader
Lora is consistently an advocate for any and everyone she comes into contact with. She works hard and long and has unparalleled experience to draw from as a fabulous asset to any organization. Anyone who hires or works with Lora will always be able to rest assured the task will be accomplished above and beyond expectation. I would happily recommend Lora for any position to...more

Independent Real Estate Professional
Lora is a very detailed, wonderful, huge hearted lady who works endlessly and efficiently to help to raise money for any good cause that touches her heart. Weather it be cancer research, heart association, victims of a medical issue, etc. If more people in the community was as giving as Lora is, there would be no stopping. I am proud to call her a wonderful kind worker,...more

Owner at Shutterbug Photography
Always the professional, Lora has put her heart and soul into Promote Commotion. Her dedication to promoting local companies has been a blessing for me, and I'm sure to many other small business owners as well. But, along with her page, she also gets involved with fund raisers, and has the experience to organize, promote, and follow through to assure their success!